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Mousing  /  Keyboarding

Please use inside voicesMouse like a Pro!

  1. Alphabet & Reading Games
    1. 2Bee or Nottoobee
    2. ABC Wack-A-Mole
    3. Alphabet and its Order
    4. Grammar Blast
      1. The Sentence
      2. Nouns & Pronouns
      3. Ready for a Review?
      4. Adjectives
      5. Capitalization and Punctuation
    5. Hedgie's Alphabet Game
    6. Ice Cream Talk:  Nouns and Verbs
    7. Kitten Hop:  Sight Word Recognition
    8. Sight Word Bingo
    9. Spelling Practice
    10. Treasure Quest Addition
  2. Math Games
    1. 2 for 2
    2. 100 Number Chart
    3. 2048
    4. Balloon Pop Subtraction
    5. Batter's Up Baseball Addition
    6. Candy Cashier
    7. Chocolate Shop
    8. Cooking Chocolate Cake
    9. Couch 2048
    10. Crazy Math
    11. Extreme Maths
    12. Gran Prix Multiplication
    13. Helix Jump
    14. Hot Dog Shop
    15. Jet Ski Addition
    16. Lemonade Stand
    17. Math Man Jr. Addition or Subtraction
    18. Marble Drop Addition
    19. Math Match a Number
    20. Math Man Returns: Even Numbers
    21. Math vrs Monsters
    22. Math Trainer
    23. Money Bingo
    24. Papa's...
      1. Bakeria
      2. Burgeria
      3. Cheeseria
      4. Cooking Chocolate Cake
      5. Cupcakeria
      6. Division Derby
      7. Donuteria
      8. Freezeria
      9. Hot Doggeria
      10. Pancakeria
      11. Pastaria
      12. Pizzaria
      13. Suchiria
      14. Taco Mia
      15. Wingeria
    25. Schitalochka
    26. Snowboard Challenge Multiplication
    27. Snowbowl
    28. Treasure Quest Addition
    29. Zombie Math
  3. More Mousing Fun!
    1. Find the Technology
    2. Five Senses
    3. Take a Trip
    4. U.S. Geology
Mousing  /  Keyboarding

Learning the KeyboardWisconsin's Department of Pubic Instruction recommends that students learn to key at 5 times their grade level.  Second Grade Goal:  10 wpm

Part A.  Learning Home Row

  1. asdf  jkl;  Practice Home Row
  2. Dance Mat Typing
  3. Drill One: Home Row
  4. Home Row Typing Lesson
  5. Home Row Words
  6. Lesson One: Home Row
  7. KeyBricks: Home Row
  8. KeyMan: Home Row
  9. Retro Typer (Begin with lesson 1:  asdf jkl;)
  10. Sense-Lang: Lesson 1
  11. Typing Club (Begin with j & f)
  12. Typing Course Lessons: F G H J
  13. Typing Course Lessons: A S D K L ;
  14. Typing Course Lessons:  A S D F G H J K L ;
  15. Typing Lessons for QWERTY Keyboard (start with Lesson 1, ASDF JKL:
  16. Typing Tutor:  Home Row
  17. Lesson 1 Left Hand Practice

Part B.  Top Row and Bottom Row

  1. Dance Mat Typing
  2. Keyboard Tutorial & Typing Test. Great site to review or learn keying. When you are ready, there is a section to practice composing at the keyboard and then practicing your text.
  3. Learn Keyboard Typing. Great site -- 13 online lessons -- you will move through them quickly. This site is great for a typing "tune-up".
  4. Learn to Type Online. This course has 5 lessons to introduce keys -- maybe too fast for a beginner (but maybe not). This site is a great review for those needed a "tune-up".
  5. Peters Online Typing Course.  A comprehensives and well-done program. This one will work for you if you work it.
  6. Speed Typing Online. Even if you have learned the basics, try this website's quick "tune-up". You can be a speed-typist too.
  7. Typing Club. Begin with home row and then add 2 keys per lesson -- very managable and effective.
  8. Typing Test Online. Use this site to check your progress -- watch your skills grow.
  9. Touch Typing Online.  If other online programs add new keys too fast, try this one -- it carefully breaks your practice into manageable groups.

Part C.  Fun Skill Building (only after learning all keys and the "touch method".  All links with a sound icon can only be used with MUTE, earphones or headphones.

  1. Alpha Attack
  2. Alpha Munchies
  3. Alpha Rain
  4. Balloon Typing Game
  5. Big Brown Bear Keyboarding Game
  6. Keyboard Climber
  7. Keyboard Climber II
  8. Fix the KeyboardCan you put the mixed up letters back where they belong?
  9. Keyman
  10. KeyTower
  11. Learn2Type for Kids (Kewl animations)
  12. Nitro Type
  13. Seussville ABC Fishing
  14. Sky Words
  15. Typing of the Ghosts
  16. Typing Rocket Junior
  17. MORE Keyboarding Games!
Mousing  /  Keyboarding

Mr. B's Home / Kindergarten Links / First Grade
Second Grade / Third Grade / Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade / Middle School Links

Keyboarding Tune-Up / Keyboarding Games / Mousing Skills
Number Pad  Chatbots / Business Games / Keying Kids TV

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