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Underlying computer and keyboarding skills is accurately and efficiently using the mouse.  These links -- more than 75 -- build mousing skills.  While kids of all ages will enjoy many of these interactive sites, our youngest children need to build mousing skills to productively use keyboarding skill building links.

ALL links on this page with a SOUND ICON can only be used with MUTE, headphones, or earbuds.

  1. 7 Days of the Week
  2. 100 Number Chart
  3. ABC order:  Letters
  4. A-B-C - 1-2-3 Magnets  You choose, letters and/or numbers and put them on the refrigerator with your mouse.
  5. Alphabet Bears  
  6. Alphabet Bubble  Ppop bubbles to match letters with words that start with the correct letter sound. Once a match is completed you will be shown a picture of the word.
  7. A-B-C    Let's get ready to read.
  8. Alphabet Match  Match letter sounds to beginning word sounds. For example "A" = "Ant", flip cards to make a match between the letters and the words.
  9. Alphabetical Order:  Block Stacking
  10. Alphabet:  Uppercase and Lowercase Matching  We can write letters different ways.  Can you match them?
  11. Apple Catch  Feed Toucan Tania. Use the mouse to guide her under an apple before it falls, then flap over to the basket and click to drop it in.
  12. Baby Rose's Eyes:  I See You!.  Move the mouse pointer around the screen and watch Baby Rose's eyes follow it.
  13. Bees and Honey  Here's three fun mousing games, Bees, Flowers, and Honey.
  14. Bobby's Busy Baker.  The backer is busy, can you help?  You can decorate a cake or make a window display.
  15. Boople's Colors  Click on the objects that match the color.
  16. Bubble Wrap  Everyone loves to pop bubblewrap. Practice Left Clicking to pop the bubbles in the bubble wrap.
  17. Build a House  Click on the choices on the left and a menu of things for your house appear. Drag them onto your house and property.
  18. Brush Your Teeth  Help Mr. Smiley brush his teeth.  Use the toothbrush to clean them up.
  19. Bubbles.  Move the mouse and click on the bubbles to pop them!
  20. Buried Memories   Rascal lost his toys!  At the beginning of each round, you will see three toys. Remember where they are because after the toys are buried, Rascal will tell you which one he wants to find – click on the right hole and you get a star.
  21. Burned Out!  Betty is in a tricky situation: she’s an open flame in a warehouse full of explosives! As she runs back and forth across the floor, she lights the fuses above her. Click on the sparks to pinch them and smother the fire.
  22. Catching Snowflakes  Help Soshi catch snowflakes by using the mouse to guide him back and forth. Click once and he opens his mouth, click again and he will close it.
  23. Christmas Tree Fun.  Would you like to decorate a Christmas tree? It's easy. First, pick a Tree to decorate. Go to a page that shows that tree and a box full of decorations. Then "drag" ornaments to the tree and "drop" them. Have fun!
  24. Click and Color.  (Fisher Price) ten pages to choose from
  25. Click and Drag for Spacial concepts.  Move the animals by clicking and dragging them from place to place (spatial concepts) Great beginning click and drag exercise! Large objects!
  26. Click and Drag.  Brush your Teeth.  Drag the mouse up and down the smiley face's teeth to brush them.
  27. Color Creature  Grab the brush to use it as a cursor, click on a color from the palette, then click on a part of the picture to color it in.
  28. Costume Shop.  Edgar and Andrew are ready to try on some costumes. Click on the Go buttons next to Edgar and Andrew to help them.
  29. Croc Cannon  Drag-and-drop a fish to load it into the cannon, aim using your cursor, and…FIRE!
  30. Decorate the Doll House.  practice clicking and dragging.
  31. Dessert See-Saw  Help Bongo and Beanie play their favorite game by lifting Bongo up to the right height, then dropping him on the see-saw to send Beanie flying into the pool!
  32. Digging for Worms  Use your mouse to move the shovel and then click to throw the worms out! When you see stars in the sandbox, click on them with your shovel to find some buried treasure.
  33. Dinosaur Drawing.  Click on the dinosaur, then click on the picture to create your own dinosaur drawing.
  34. Double Hook Fishing  Use the mouse to help Mama Octopus lower her fishing hooks the right depth so that she can catch some tasty fish.
  35. Dress the Teddy Bear.  click on the numbers to change the bear's cap, shirt, or pants.
  36. Egg Decorating.  drag and drop egg decoration activity.
  37. Egg Hunt.  Find the eggs and put them in the basket. Can you find all twelve? Hide them again for the next player or start again.
  38. Feed the Monkey  Click-and-drag Manny’s paw to move him around – let go and he will grab onto a vine. When you see some food, move his paw over it to grab it, and then drop it in the basket!
  39. Feed the Monster.  Click and drag the food to the monster so he can eat.
  40. Finger Painting.  Learn mouse skills by finger painting with your mouse!
  41. Fire Flies.  Use your mouse to catch the fireflies and put them in the jar. Program adds up the amount as they are put in the jar.
  42. Fish Tank.  Click on the fish you want to put in your tank. Then click inside the tank to place your fish.
  43. Flower Garden.  Grow your own flower garden. Each click of the mouse creates a flower!
  44. Fly Trap.  Feed the pig!  Use the cursor to aim and click to make him shoot out his tongue. Any flies in the path of Freddie’s tongue will be eaten.
  45. Ghost Ship Tour.  The Pumpkin Pirates are ready to welcome you aboard. Click on the ship to start the tour. Be careful. Those ghosts will play tricks!
  46. Halloween Fun.  from BillyBear; many mouse skills are practiced here.
  47. Hatch and Match.  Practice clicking on eggs and find the two pictures and sounds that match. A different sound effect is used with each dragon.
  48. HeadSprouts Mousing Around Program.  Listen to oral directions on how a mouse works and practice each skill.
  49. Help People Pick Pets.  Move your pointer over the customers to learn what they want. Click on the customers to go to the right parts of the store.
  50. Hide and Seek.  Click on the numbers to find the hidden cat.
  51. Leaf Games.  What would you do with a pile of leaves? [six different activities].
  52. Magic Paint.  Select the size of the brush and the color and draw a picture on the screen. Higher level mouse skills for click and drag.
  53. Make Something.  Click and drag to make things:
    1. Make a Face
    2. Make a Pizza
    3. Make a Snowman
    4. Christmas Tree
    5. Halloween Pumpkin
    6. Stack 100 Snowballs
  54. Lil' Finger Painting.  Dip your finger in a color and create a picture.
  55. Make a Pizza    Click and drag the different toppings to make a pizza!
  56. Merry Tulip's Flower Shop.  Welcome to Merry Tulip's Flower Shop. Aga Panthis loves to arrange flowers. I bet you would, too. Want to try? Click on her hat to have some fun.
  57. MiniMouse.  Practice your mouse skills with these games.
  58. Mix and Match.  click on the numbers to mix and match body parts to create characters. (Numbers are small; this site better used for students that have had practice controlling a mouse).
  59. Mouse Exercises.  Designed for Senior Citizens, this site is specifically for the development of mouse skills. If you use it with small students, reading the instructions aloud to them on each page in succession will probably be necessary.
  60. Mouse Exercises.  Designed for Senior Citizens, this site is specifically for the development of mouse skills.
  61. Mr. Marble's Propeller Flyer  Help pop the balloons by guiding Mr. Marble with your mouse.
  62. Mr. Veghed.  Make a funny character from your favorite vegetables and then animate it.
  63. Numbers:  Connect the Dots with Artt  Help the artist draw by clicking on the dots in order to connect them.
  64. Numbers:  Count and Catch Balloons  Look at the number on the upper-left and then click to catch balloons to match the number.
  65. Numbers:  Count the Fish  Click the number of fish for each color.
  66. Online Coloring.  (Fisher Price) Click on a color and then on the part of the picture you want to paint. Use the water to erase a color. Print your picture when you're all finished, or use the arrows to select another. (17 different coloring sheets).
  67. On-Line Coloring Pages.  Drag colors from the palette to the outline drawing, kids can try to match a small thumbnail drawing or use their own creativity.
  68. Paper Dolls.  Drag and Drop Mouse Practice to Dress the Paper Doll.
  69. Pepper's Only Pizza.  Would you like to help Peter and Pepper make pizzas? Click on their pictures to step inside and put toppings on customers' pizzas. Make one for yourself, too.
  70. Peter Pickles Pops the Bubbles 
  71. Pinwheels.  click on the pinwheel and watch it spin.
  72. Pizza Faces.  You can make funny faces on your pizzas. Here are some examples. Make all you want. Give them silly names and have fun!
  73. Pre-School Coloring Pages.  Some of these are outline drawings to print and color, others are on-line coloring pages
  74. Purpy's Shapes  This little guy loves shapes and sees them everywhere. Help him find his favorite shapes.
  75. Put the Bubble puzzle together.  Click and drag the pieces to put together the puzzle. Pieces expand to fit into the grid. Good for shape discrimination as well as clicking and dragging.
  76. Shape Invasion  Move the Shapelins under the matching shape. Click a Shapeling to “select” them, then click another and they will swap places.
  77. Sorting Common Objects.  Click and drag the bananas or strawberries into the correct jars.
  78. Star Climber  Help him decide which way to build, then click to build a ladder any way you choose. Climb toward stars to collect them. Watch out for the satellite though – if it hits Wally, it will knock him off his perch and make him drop his stars!
  79. Starry Night  Use the mouse to move the bubble and bounce the gold star back up into the sky
  80. Swing Fling    Help Marvin jump. Move the cursor back and forth with just the right rhythm to help him swing – faster and faster, higher and higher! Then, just when Marvin is at the height of his swing…CLICK to make him jump.
  81. Tidy the Classroom. Help clean up -- choose a different mousing skills: single click, double click, and drag-and-drop and the mouse-over what you see.
  82. Treasure Dive  Guide Scuba Sam down to the ocean floor to collect them treasure in his net, and then click to make him swim back up. You can also use the mouse button to help Sam avoid nasty barracudas.
  83. Thunder and Lightning.  Bowl with Pilar and friends, move the mouse and click to bowl.
  84. Tidy The Classroom.  Excellent site to learn how to drag and drop, click once, click twice, or drag.
  85. Turtle Slide  The Higher the Slide, the Farther You Go!
  86. Uppercase and Lowercase Matching 
  87. When Pigs Fly    Click on Orwell the Pig to get him started, then use the mouse to control his flight. But be careful…Orwell’s wings don’t work too well, and if he doesn’t land on a cloud he’ll take quite a tumble!
  88. ZooPlanner.  Where in the Zoo will I put you? Click on each animal and drag it into the zoo. You could print a picture of your zoo, too!
Mr. B's Home / Kindergarten Links / First Grade
Second Grade / Third Grade / Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade / Middle School Links

Keyboarding Tune-Up / Keyboarding Games / Mousing Skills
Number Pad  Chatbots / Business Games / Keying Kids TV

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