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Student typingALL links on this page with a SOUND ICON can only be used with MUTE, headphones, or earbuds.

Keyboarding Assessment:  Keying Tests at FreeTypingGames.netWisconsin's Department of Pubic Instruction recommends that students learn to key at 5 times their grade level.

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Keyboarding / Research Projects

Learning the Keyboard

Part A.  Learning Home Row

  1. asdf  jkl;  Practice Home Row
  2. Dance Mat Typing
  3. Online Typing Lessons
  4. Free Typing Lesson
  5. Home Row Typing Lesson
  6. Lesson One: Home Row
  7. KeyBricks: Home Row
  8. KeyMan: Home Row
  9. Peters Online Typing Lessons
  10. PowerTyping
  11. Retro Typer (Begin with lesson 1:  asdf jkl;)
  12. Sense-Lang: Lesson 1
  13. Touch Typing
  14. Typing Club (Begin with j & f)
  15. Typing Course Lessons: F G H J
  16. Typing Course Lessons: A S D K L ;
  17. Typing Course Lessons:  A S D F G H J K L ;
  18. Typing Lessons for QWERTY Keyboard (start with Lesson 1, ASDF JKL:
  19. Type Online
  20. Typing Tutor:  Home Row
  21. Typing Web
  22. typingMe.com: Lesson 1 Left Hand Practice
  23. VisiBone Touch-Typing Tutor (begin with lessons 1-3)

Part B.  Top Row and Bottom Row

  1. Glencoe's Online Keyboarding. These are the folks that wrote the book -- typing books for generations of keyers. These lessons will carefuly help you review and build skills.
  2. Keyboard Tutorial & Typing Test. Great site to review or learn keying. When you are ready, there is a section to practice composing at the keyboard and then practicing your text.
  3. Learn Keyboard Typing. Great site -- 13 online lessons -- you will move through them quickly. This site is great for a typing "tune-up".
  4. Learn to Type Online. This course has 5 lessons to introduce keys -- maybe too fast for a beginner (but maybe not). This site is a great review for those needed a "tune-up".
  5. Peters Online Typing Course.  A comprehensives and well-done program. This one will work for you if you work it.
  6. Retro Typer (Begin with lesson 1:  asdf jkl;)
  7. Speed Typing Online. Even if you have learned the basics, try this website's quick "tune-up". You can be a speed-typist too.
  8. Touch Typing Online.  If other online programs add new keys too fast, try this one -- it carefully breaks your practice into manageable groups.
  9. Typing Club. Begin with home row and then add 2 keys per lesson -- very managable and effective.
  10. Typing Lessons. This site does a fantastic job of breaking the keyboard into short, simple lessons. Highly recommended, especially for those just getting started.
  11. VisiBone Touch-Typing Tutor (Lessons 4-20)

Part C.  All Key Review.  You must complete these online practices before using any of the Fun Skill Building links below.

  1. Alphabet Speed Keying.  How fast can you type the alphabet?
  2. Alphabet Speed Keying BACKWARDS!  It isn't easy keying the alphabet backwards.  How fast can you do it?
  3. Alphatyping.com:  Free Typing lessons, games, and certificates
  4. Byte Back Typing Tutorials: Free course designed to teach touch typing
  5. Finger Drills
    1. Home Row
    2. Capitalization of Home Row Keys using the Shift Key
    3. Top Row Keys
    4. Bottom Row Keys
    5. Top & Bottom Row Keys
    6. Two Letter Combinations
    7. Three Letter Combinations
    8. Left Hand Practice
    9. Right Hand Practice
  6. Quick Typing Practice: Build skills with quick bursts of speed
  7. typingtest.com: Your keyboarding skills increase as you practice -- see for yourself.
  8. Typing Test Online. Use this site to check your progress -- watch your skills grow.
  9. TypingWeb:  Free online typing tutor & keyboarding tutorial
  10. Wapsilon:  How fast are your fingers? Do the one minute typing test; press space after each word. At the end, you get your typing speed in CPM and WPM.

Part D.  Fun Skill Building (only after learning all keys and the "touch method".  All links with a sound icon can only be used with MUTE, earphones or headphones.

  1. Air Typer  Make all of the enemy balloons disappear by correctly typing all the letters of the word.
  2. Balloon  The Balloon game is helpful for learning and practicing the positions of the letters on the keyboard -- practice typing letters.
  3. Bubbles Typing Game  In this underwater typing game your goal is to burst the bubbles before they reach the surface of the sea.
  4. Chameleon  Keep your chameleon fed by typing the words of each fly!
  5. Career Step Typing: Find out how fast you are typing.
  6. Desert Typing Racer  Looking for adventure? Do you like the thrill of driving down the highway at supersonic speeds and jumping over cars in your way?
  7. Edit Dan's Copy.  Have fun helping an ace-reporter edit and revise his news articles for publication.
  8. English Football World Cup Typing  This typing soccer game is lots of fun and really builds world-class keying skills.
  9. Horse Race Typing  Its post time -- learn keyboarding at the races
  10. Kayak Game  Fight the stream, avoid obstacles and row hard. Careful, it's wet!
  11. Keyboard Revolution  Get your fingers ready for the groove and type your favorite dancing moves. Fun characters will show off your skills. Find your favorite dance tune to play along.
  12. Keyboard Triathlon  Three Timed events test your knowledge of the keyboard. Try the advanced mode if you dare.
  13. Martian City Defender   Flying laser beams are trying to destroy the Martian Colony. Defend the colony and save the little green aliens! Watch out for the letter drops in bonus rounds
  14. Meteor Typing Blast   Flying Meteors and UFOs are coming at your spaceship from every direction. Use your typing skills to blast them out of the universe!
  15. NFL Typing  Key with the big boys and really learn to type.
  16. News Typing.  Choose a topic:  Sports, Technology, Entertainment, Health or Business -- practice your keyboarding skills while you "catch up" on current events.  Pretty kewl.
  17. Ninja Cat  Type fast to save the world from the deadly dinosaurs - Ninja style
  18. NitroType  Are you ready for the "big' circuit?  This is the top competitive typing game on the web -- not recommended for one-finger hunt-and-peck.
  19. Outer Space Fleet Commander  Guide the alien fleet through the galaxy, typing letters before they stop you
  20. QWERTY Warriors:  The top-row of a standard U.S. keyboard says QWERTY -- are you ready to join and compete with the QWERTY Warriors?
  21. Save the Sailboat Race  Falling Letters are ruining the sailboat race. Help by typing the letters before they land on the boats.
  22. Spacebar Invaders  Strange creatures are wiggling their way down from space. Stop them by typing. The more you type the faster they get. Bonus points for UFOs!
  23. Spelling Bee: Pick a person and do the Spelling Bee
  24. Spelling Match: It's fun to learn to key and spell (1st-8th grade)
  25. Sqworl Typing Practice: Learn keyboarding with a squirrel!
  26. [A] Start On Typing: NASA presents this color coded diagram to show where each hand should go on the keyboard. After placing fingers on the home row, play the Sign Here game.
  27. Super Hyper Spider Typer    Hungry lizards with words on their backs are after Berry the hairy spider! Save Berry from these colorful, wacky creatures by typing words quickly
  28. Trash Typer   Help the dinosaurs tidy up -- type the text and destroy the trash that is falling into the sea.
  29. Trick or Type  The Trick or Treat Ghosts want candy. Help them collect candy by typing the words or characters dropping from the sky. Try not to be too scared!
  30. Type For Your Life  Fun game that let you type and type and type. Climb the wall, don't fall.
  31. Typing Band  Type the key on the right timing because show must go on...
  32. Typing Chef  A fun game that will help you to practice touch typing while learning to be a chef
  33. Typing of the Ghosts  Find the ghosts with each word.
  34. Typing Olympic  Touch type full sentences in order to become an olympic typing champion
  35. Typing Race  Not quite ready for NitroType? This game, if used carefully, will get you onto the "big" racing circuit.
  36. Typing Race Master  Check out the new New version!! Complete against real players to be the Best typist.
  37. Upbeat -- Best Online Music Game Ever  Keep the rhythm to chart topping tracks and rock the party while you key!

Even MORE keyboarding games & online practice sites!

Keyboarding / Research Projects

Web Research

Searching for information online is fun and sometimes its easy to find what we want.  There are other times when specific information can be more challenging.  Here are some links to help anyone become and "expert" web surfer;

Searching Tips N Tricks

  1. 10 Tips for Smarter, More Efficient Internet Searching
  2. How to Find Anything Online with Advanced Search Techniques
  3. Advanced Searches:  Much more powerful than using simple search keywords
    1. Ask
    2. Bing
    3. Google
    4. Info.com
    5. Yahoo
  4. Mr. B's Research Seminar.  If we think about research as a 5-step process, its easier to manage and excel.
    1. Plagiarism
    2. Copyrights
    3. Research Links
    4. Search Strategies
    5. Interactive Review (Must use Internet Explorer)
    6. Dewey Challenge
  5. Research Tips
  6. Searching the Web Tutorials (introduction)
  7. Searching the Web Tutorials (advanced)
  8. Web Searching Tips:  A large collection from Search Engine Watch

Informational Research & Reference Sites

  1. BadgerLink:  Wisconsin's online library.
  2. General Reference Sites for Middle School Students
  3. Internet Archive or Wayback Machine
  4. Mr. B's Info One-Stop
    1. Quick Reference
    2. Search Engines
    3. Metacrawlers & Meta Search Engines
    4. Internet Directories
    5. Virtual Libraries & Reference
    6. Map Resources
  5. My LMC Web (Mr. B's www.mylmcweb.com)
  6. SweetSites for Middle School Students

Evaluating Information.  Not everything we read in a book, magazine, or newspaper is true.  Not everything we see or hear on TV & radio is true.  Not everything we see online is accurate.  We need to evaluate all information.  Since the publishing costs on the internet are almost ZERO, we need to be especially careful with information we find online.

  1. 5 W's of Website Evaluation (downloadable/printable .pdf)
  2. Challenge:  Evaluating Web Resources.  You are conducting research about the environment, appearance, and life cycle of an octopus.
  3. Evaluating Information Found Online: Fishing for C.A.R.P.
  4. Evaluating Web Resources
  5. Evaluating Websites and Online Information
  6. Evaluating Websites:  Why its Important
  7. Information Fluency Wizards.  "Wizard" style interactive sites that takes students through the process of evaluating a website and offers a summary at the end.
    1. Citation Wizard.  Finding good information is important, but citing your sources can be even more-so.  There are links here for 5 different citation styles: APA, CSE, formerly known as CBE, and MLA.  There are also links to other online citation sites.
    2. Search Wizard.  This tool is built on Google's Advanced Search and conducts a Google search with the keywords that you fill in for each field. As you type, WATCH as the Wizard builds your query in the search box above. Then click Search. Evaluate the results and revise your keywords to get the best results for your topic!
    3. Evaluation Wizard.  Use this online tool to help you organize the process of online checking information.  Is what you found going to be accurate and dependable enough for your purpose?
  8. Web Page Evaluation Form (both HTML/web version and downloadable/printable .pdf).
  9. Website Evaluation
  10. What are Static & What are Dynamic Websites
Keyboarding / Research Projects

Projects & Activities

Desktop Publishing.  The fifth-graders that have practiced throughout their elementary school years can beome really good keyers!  When students are ready to do MORE than type on the computer, we can have FUN creating colorful documents -- desktop publishing. 

For many projects, we will use Lorem Ipsum (Latin) dummy text which we can get from free online Lorem Ipsum Generator

  1. Report:  284 Word Lorem Ipsum Dummy Text (student template, MS Word file).  Students will download this file and we will use it for the exercise below which introduces clip-art and text wrapping.
  2. Directions:   284 Word Lorem Ipsum Report With Clip Art Graphics (filetype .pfd).  Students will begin creating a graphic organizer with directions on how we used the graphics on this page We begin by looking at how text wrapping works.
  3. Report:  478 Word Lorem Ipsum Dummy Text (student template, MS Word file).  Students will download this file and we will use it for the exercise below which reviews, text wrapping, and introduces AutoShapes (call-outs).
  4. Directions:  478 Word Lorem Ipsum Dummy Text Report (filetype: .pdf).  Students will review inserting graphics into a report and formatting each graphic to float over text (text wrapping:  in front of text). 
  5. Final Report:  478 Word Lorem Ipsum Dummy Text (student template, MS Word file).  Students will download this file and we will use it for the exercise below which reviews, text wrapping, and introduces AutoShapes (call-outs).
  6. Directions:  Final 478 Word Lorem Ipsum Dummy Text Report (filetype: .pdf).  Students will use the MS Word ruler to format text to create space in a document and then insert appropriate clip art and other graphic objects applying float over text formats on each graphic (text wrapping:  in front of text).  
Keyboarding / Research Projects

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