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ALL links on this page with a SOUND ICON can only be used with MUTE, headphones, or earbuds.

New link Cupcake Bugs

Hit Any Key

  1. Press Any Key:  Dolphin
  2. Press Any Key:  Egg
  3. Press Any Key:  Flying
  4. Press Any Key:  Frog
  5. Press Any Key:  Jungle
  6. Press Any Key:  Leap
  7. Press Any Key:  Marine
  8. Press Any Key:  Monkey
  9. Press Any Key:  Shell

Mousing Self Checks

  1. Helipopper
  2. Pickle Pop
  3. Swing Fling
  4. Turtle Slide
  5. Vine Time
  6. When Pigs Fly
Mousing  /  Keyboarding

Mouse like a Pro!

  1. Mouse and Pointer Tutorial.  Review your mouse skills before proceeding.
  2. Alphabet
    1. A-B-C - 1-2-3 Magnets  You choose, letters and/or numbers and put them on the refrigerator with your mouse.
    2. Alphabet Antics  When the monkey says a letter, click on the matching coconut.
    3. Alphabet Countdown  Click on the letters of the alphabet in order in 30 sections!
    4. Alphabet Order  Help the monkey put the alphabet in order by dragging and dropping the blocks into place.
    5. A-B-C Ordering.  Look at the letters set out for you and then decide which letter comes next when you are asked.
    6. A-B-C Sounds  Click on the letter, hear its name and sound, and then learn some words that begin with that letter.
    7. Alpha Pig's Alpha Bricks  Help the pig save its house from the big bad wolf.  Find the letters to fill the holes.
    8. Alphabet Goop  Watch 2 letters appear and stir the soup for a word to come out of the goop.  Drag and drop it to the right letter.
    9. AlphaSwitch  Move each picture on to the letter that starts the word.
    10. Alphabet Wack-A-Mole  Wait for the letters to appear in A-B-C order and then wack that mole!
    11. Animal Countdown  Oh no! Animals have left the alphabet zoo. Can you help the guard to get them back to their cages?  Click on them in alphabetical order.
    12. Connect the Dots with Letters of the Aphabet  Click on each letter in order.  What do you see?
    13. Fishing for ABCs (Cat in the Hat)  Help Hop catch fish to spell words by clicking on the right letters.
    14. Letter Blaster  Click on the letter and let your alien blast it.
    15. Letter Maze  Click on the alphabet in A-B-C order and see if you can find your way out of the maze.
    16. Show Me The...  Listen to Boowa and Kwala and click on the letter they ask to see.
    17. Uppercase and Lowercase Matching  We can write letters different ways.  Can you match them?
    18. What Letter is Missing?  Click on the missing letter to complete the alphabet series.
    19. Which Letter Is...  Listen for the name of each letter and then show you know it by clicking on that letter..
  3. Bobby's Busy Baker.  The backer is busy, can you help?  You can decorate a cake or make a window display.
  4. Bubble Wrap  Everyone loves to pop bubblewrap. Practice Left Clicking to pop the bubbles in the bubble wrap.
  5. Build a House  Click on the choices on the left and a menu of things for your house appear. Drag them onto your house and property.
  6. Colors
    1. Alphabetize Colors  Practice your ABCs while you show-off your knowledge of colors.
    2. Boople's Colors  Click on the objects that match the color.
    3. Color Factory  Listen to your directions, mix your color, and then paint the animal.
    4. Color, Paint & Draw.  Let's have some color fun.
    5. Coloring Game  Have fun choosing your colors and making a painting.
    6. Curious George Hat Grab  Help collect hats.  Listen to the directions and grab the colored hats.
    7. Lil' Finger Painting.  Dip your finger in a color and create a picture.
    8. What Color is It?  Here's an online game with sound that teaches color.
  7. Counting & Numbers
    1. Bowling (Toy Theater)  Use the mouse to click and "throw" the ball to knock down the bowling pins.  How many did you strike?
    2. Bunny Ride  Help Curious George count the bunnies.
    3. Chicken Count  Can you count the chickens for Curious George?
    4. Count the Fish  Click the number of fish for each color.
    5. Counting to Thirty  Count the objects you see and enter the number -- its a race against the clock!
    6. Counting Up To:
      1. Three
      2. Five
      3. Ten
      4. Thirty
      5. One Hundred
    7. Counting Train  When the train rolls in, look at the numbers on each car and drag and drop the shipment that has the matching number of vegetables or fruit..
    8. Flower Garden with Curious George  George is growing a flower garden.  Click on the flowers to count them.
    9. Gingerbread Man Game.  Count the buttons on the Gingerbrad man (Choose Counting, Matching, or Ordering; 1-5 or 1-10).
    10. How Many Seeds?  Look at the seeds on the screen and count them and watch them grow.
    11. Ladybird Spots.  Count the buttons on the Gingerbrad man (Choose Counting, Matching, or Ordering; 1-5 or 1-10).
    12. Meatball Launcher   Curious George works at a restaurant.  Help him count and shoot meatballs on the spaghetti.
    13. Number Chart  Help place the missing number in its place.
    14. Number Train   Watch and listen for the train and click on numbers to place them in order.
    15. Number Ordering  Drag and drop the numbers in correct order.
    16. Sequencing Numbers.  Fill in the Missing Numbers from 1 to 12.  Position the cursor in the box, then use the keyboard to enter the missing number.
    17. Shark Numbers   Look at the blocks.  They are grouped in 10s.  Click on the number you see.  Choose numbers up to 29, 59, 99 or 999!  A dolphin jumps by when you are right.  A shark bites your boat when you're wrong.
    18. Shoot the Ducks  This game uses a number line made of ducks, but the numbers are missing, so you have to count along and work out which duck to aim at.
    19. Splat Squares  Click on the squares to 100.  You can count by one or skip count any way you like.
    20. Teddy Numbers  Choose numbers up to 15 and drag-and-drop cupcakes to the bear.
    21. Underwater Counting  Choose counting to 5 or 10.  Can you find the treasure?  Count the creatures you see underwater.
  8. Make a Face.  Drag and drop to create a face.  Can you make it look like YOU?!?!
  9. Make a Pizza  Click and drag the different toppings to make a pizza!
  10. Make a Snowman    Drag and drop to make a snowman.  It's fun any time of year.
  11. Mr. Veg head.  Make a funny character from your favorite vegetables and then animate it.
  12. Shapes
    1. Construct It  You're given a large shape that you must fill completely with the smaller shapes.
    2. Magical Shape Hunt  Help find the different shaped jewelry with your mouse and then count them.
    3. Monster Mansion Shape Match.  Don't be scared.  Match shapes.
    4. Purpy's Shapes  This little guy loves shapes and sees them everywhere. Help him find his favorite shapes.
    5. Shape Invasion  Move the ground shapes to match the falling shapes.
    6. Shapes Puzzle Game  Drag and drop the shapes into the spaces where they fit and belong.
    7. Which shape Is...  Listen to the directions and click on the shape as they are called out.
Mousing  /  Keyboarding

Learning the Keyboard

Part A.  Learning Home Row

  1. Pointer Finger:  Animal Who  Type a letter on the keyboard and an animal will appear and make a sound for that animal.
  2. Pointer Finger:  Keyboard Zoo  Keyboarding Zoo is a fun way to  introduce the keyboard.  Use your  index or pointer fingers to match letters on the screen to their keyboards.
  3. asdf  jkl;  Practice Home Row
  4. Drill One: Home Row
  5. Home Row Typing Lesson
  6. Lesson One: Home Row
  7. KeyBricks: Home Row
  8. KeyMan: Home Row
  9. Typing Club (Begin with j & f)
  10. Typing Course Lessons: F G H J
  11. Typing Course Lessons: A S D K L ;
  12. Typing Course Lessons:  A S D F G H J K L ;
  13. Typing Lessons for QWERTY Keyboard (start with Lesson 1, ASDF JKL:
  14. Typing Tutor:  Home Row
  15. Lesson 1 Left Hand Practice
  16. TextPad:  Online text edtor which we will use to call out and practice keys.

Part B.  Top Row and Bottom Row

  1. Keyboard Tutorial & Typing Test. Great site to review or learn keying. When you are ready, there is a section to practice composing at the keyboard and then practicing your text.
  2. Learn Keyboard Typing. Great site -- 13 online lessons -- you will move through them quickly. This site is great for a typing "tune-up".
  3. Learn to Type Online. This course has 5 lessons to introduce keys -- maybe too fast for a beginner (but maybe not). This site is a great review for those needed a "tune-up".
  4. Peters Online Typing Course.  A comprehensives and well-done program. This one will work for you if you work it.
  5. Retro Typer (Begin with lesson 1:  asdf jkl;)
  6. Speed Typing Online. Even if you have learned the basics, try this website's quick "tune-up". You can be a speed-typist too.
  7. Typing Club. Begin with home row and then add 2 keys per lesson -- very managable and effective.
  8. Typing Lessons. This site does a fantastic job of breaking the keyboard into short, simple lessons. Highly recommended, especially for those just getting started.
  9. Touch Typing Online.  If other online programs add new keys too fast, try this one -- it carefully breaks your practice into manageable groups.

Part C.  All Key Review.  You must complete these online practices before using any of the Fun Skill Building links below.

  1. Letter Reaction
  2. Cup Stacking Game
  3. Two Letter Combinations
  4. Three Letter Combinations
  5. Left Hand Practice
  6. Right Hand Practice

Part D.  Fun Skill Building.  Students can only use only after learning all keys and the "touch method".  All links with a sound icon can only be used with MUTE, earphones or headphones.

  1. Alpha Munchies
  2. Alpha Rain
  3. Balloon Typing Game
  4. Big Brown Bear Keyboarding Game
  5. Bubbles Alphabet (lower case)
  6. Fix the KeyboardCan you put the mixed up letters back where they belong?
  7. Keyman
  8. Learn2Type for Kids (Kewl animations)
  9. Key Seeker
  10. Keyboard Climber
  11. Sky Words
  12. Typing Rocket Junior
Mousing  /  Keyboarding

Mr. B's Home / Kindergarten Links / First Grade
Second Grade / Third Grade / Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade / Middle School Links

Keyboarding Tune-Up / Keyboarding Games / Mousing Skills
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