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ALL links on this page with a SOUND ICON can only be used with MUTE, headphones, or earbuds.

  1. New link Alphabet Game: Whack-A-Mole (abc order)

  2. New link Seussville ABC Fishing

Mousing Skills:  Computer Mouse Song

  1. Apple Catch
  2. Birthday Candle Counting
  3. Bubble Game
  4. Buried Memories
  5. Burned Out
  6. Castle Constructor
  7. Catching Snow
  8. Checkers (One or 2 players)
  9. Count Colors
  10. Count Animals
  11. Desert Dive
  12. Drag Shapes to Free Animals
  13. Creature Color
  14. Desert Dive
  15. Digging for Worms
  16. Fly Trap
  17. Helipopper
  18. Keyboard Challenge
  19. Make a Cookie
  20. Make a Pizza
  21. Painter
  22. Pickle Pop
  23. Simon Sees
  24. Stickers (Click & Drag)
  25. Swing Fling
  26. Tic Tac Toe (One or 2 players)
  27. Turtle Slide
  28. Vine Time
  29. Whack_A-Mole ABC Order
  30. Whack_A-Mole Reflex Check
  31. When Pigs Fly
Mousing  /  Keyboarding

Mouse like a Pro!

  1. Alphabet
    1. ABC Order
    2. A-B-C - 1-2-3 Magnets  You choose, letters and/or numbers and put them on the refrigerator with your mouse.
    3. Alphabet Antics  When the monkey says a letter, click on the matching coconut.
    4. Alphabet Bubble  Ppop bubbles to match letters with words that start with the correct letter sound. Once a match is completed you will be shown a picture of the word.
    5. Alphabet Connect the Dots.  Click on the letters of the alphabet in the correct order from A to Z, to uncover the hidden picture.
    6. Alphabet Connect the Dots Games
      1. Easy:  Each letter of the alphabet
      2. Medium:  Missing Letters
      3. Hard:  Alphabet BACKWARDS!
    7. Alphabet Countdown  Click on the letters of the alphabet in order in 30 sections!
    8. Alphabet Match  Match letter sounds to beginning word sounds. For example "A" = "Ant", flip cards to make a match between the letters and the words.
    9. Alphabet Goop  Watch 2 letters appear and stir the soup for a word to come out of the goop.  Drag and drop it to the right letter.
    10. Alphabet Train Game
    11. Alphabet:  Uppercase and Lowercase Matching  We can write letters different ways.  Can you match them?
    12. Alphabet Wack-A-Mole  Wait for the letters to appear in A-B-C order and then wack that mole!
    13. Alphabetical Order:  Block Stacking
    14. Missing Letters of the Alphabet. Type the missing letter.
    15. Uppercase and Lowercase Matching  We can write letters different ways.  Can you match them?
    16. What Letter is Missing?  Click on the missing letter to complete the alphabet series.
    17. Zak and the Hat Practice your "drag and drop" skills while you learn the sounds of letters and begin reading by sounding out words
  2. Colors
    1. Alphabetize Colors  Practice your ABCs while you show-off your knowledge of colors.
    2. Boople's Colors  Click on the objects that match the color.
    3. Color Factory  Listen to your directions, mix your color, and then paint the animal.
    4. Coloring Game  Have fun choosing your colors and making a painting.
    5. Curious George Hat Grab  Help collect hats.  Listen to the directions and grab the colored hats.
    6. Lil' Finger Painting.  Dip your finger in a color and create a picture.
    7. What Color is It?  Here's an online game with sound that teaches color.
  3. Counting & Numbers
    1. 100 Snowballs  Winter counting fun.
    2. Bunny Count:  Three levels.  Can you count the bunnies and then click on the right count represented by different animals.
    3. Bowling (Toy Theater)  Use the mouse to click and "throw" the ball to knock down the bowling pins.  How many did you strike?
    4. Bunny Ride  Help Curious George count the bunnies.
    5. Change Maker.  Figure out how many of each bill or coin that you expect to get back when you pay for something.  Choose your currency (country) and easy, medium, hard, or super brain!
    6. Connect the Dots (numbers): 
      1. Easy:  Count by 1s
      2. Medium:  Count by 5s
      3. Hard:  Count BACKWARDS!
    7. Connect the Dots with Artt  Help the artist draw by clicking on the dots in order to connect them.
    8. Count and Catch Balloons  Look at the number on the upper-left and then click to catch balloons to match the number.
    9. Counting Fish  Count the fish and click the right number below.  Watch out for the sea monster.
    10. Counting Syllables Listen to and count the sounds in words.
    11. Counting to Thirty  Count the objects you see and enter the number -- its a race against the clock!
    12. Counting Up To:
      1. Three
      2. Five
      3. Ten
      4. Thirty
      5. One Hundred
    13. Counting Train  When the train rolls in, look at the numbers on each car and drag and drop the shipment that has the matching number of vegetables or fruit..
    14. Gingerbread Man Game.  Count the buttons on the Gingerbrad man (Choose Counting, Matching, or Ordering; 1-5 or 1-10).
    15. Guess the Number. This mental math game asks you to calculate the number based on the magician's clues.
    16. How Many Seeds?  Look at the seeds on the screen and count them and watch them grow.
    17. Ladybird Spots.  Count the buttons on the Gingerbrad man (Choose Counting, Matching, or Ordering; 1-5 or 1-10).
    18. Measurement game.  Read an English or metric measurement using a ruler or scale.  Choose centimeters or inches & easy, medium, or hard.
    19. Meatball Launcher   Curious George works at a restaurant.  Help him count and shoot meatballs on the spaghetti.
    20. Number Race:  Here's a fun way to practice odd and even numbers as well as number values (greater than and less than). The object of the game is to drive a vehicle as many miles as possible before running out of fuel.
    21. Operation Order Algebra Game. Follow the instructions in Operation Order to learn about the importance of the order of operations within equations.
    22. Place the Penguins:  Two levels --  Click and drag the penguin on the left onto the right number in the top row.  Then place the second penguin onto the right number in the row below that. If you are playing level 2, you then have to place the last penguin on the right number on the bottom row.
    23. Power Football. Use your addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and algebra skills to correctly solve math problems and move the football closer to the goal post.
    24. Shark Numbers.  Look at the blocks.  They are grouped in 10s.  Click on the number you see.  Choose numbers up to 29, 59, 99 or 999!  A dolphin jumps by when you are right.  A shark bites your boat when you're wrong.
    25. Teddy Numbers  Choose numbers up to 15 and drag-and-drop cupcakes to the bear.
    26. Tick Tack Toe Squares:  Fun math game based on an old-time favorite.  Choose level (easy, medium, hard) and type of math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square, cube, & square roots).
    27. Underwater Counting  Choose counting to 5 or 10.  Can you find the treasure?  Count the creatures you see underwater.
  4. Shapes
    1. Alphabetize Shapes  Practice your ABCs while you show-off your knowledge of shapes.
    2. Construct It  You're given a large shape that you must fill completely with the smaller shapes.
    3. Magical Shape Hunt  Help find the different shaped jewelry with your mouse and then count them.
    4. Monster Mansion Shape Match.  Don't be scared.  Match shapes.
    5. Purpy's Shapes  This little guy loves shapes and sees them everywhere. Help him find his favorite shapes.
    6. Shape Invasion  Move the Shapelins under the matching shape. Click a Shapeling to “select” them, then click another and they will swap places.
  5. Sight Words
    1. Dinosaur Eggs  A high frequency word is read aloud (click the sun to hear it again). You have to click the correct egg which matches the word you heard.
    2. Dolch First Grade Memory Game 1
    3. Dolch First Grade Memory Game 2
    4. Dolch First Grade Memory Game 3
    5. Dolch First Grade Matching Game
    6. Popcorn Words  Pop! Pop! Pop! Memorize dozens of the most common sight words. Try to get promoted to Manager of the Theater.
    7. Sight Word Bingo  Watch your card and click each word you hear that is on your card.  Four across, up-and-down, or diagonal is a BINGO!
    8. Sight Words  Turn the cards and make a match.
    9. Spelling Practice  Drag and drop the letters you see to spell the words you hear.
  6. More Word Games
    1. 2Bee or Nottoobee. Help the bees choose the correct verb to complete the sentence.
    2. Number Words  Drag the number word to the correct number. If you get it right, the word turns green and sticks. If you get it wrong, it floats back again.
    3. SpellaRoo. Spellaroo can hop better than he can spell. Click on the word that is spelled wrong. If you get twenty right, you will go to the "Land of Joeys". To start, click on a level.
    4. Spell Check. A fun online spelling game that challenges you to spot the word that is misspelled and type in how to spell it correctly. Choose easy or hard.
    5. What's the Word.  Read and choose the correct word based on the picture shown.  Choose Alphabet (Easy), Animals, Fruit, Tools, Machines, or Shapes.
    6. Word Building Spelling Game
    7. Word Confusion.  Help Regan the Vegan make fresh salad. Choose the correct word to complete each sentence.  This is a game about homophones -- words that sound the same but are spelled differently!
    8. Word Ladder
Mousing  /  Keyboarding

Learning the Keyboard

Part A.  Learning Home Row

  1. Typing Tutorial:  Home Row Keys (Video)
  2. Dance Mat Typing
  3. Drill One: Home Row
  4. Home Row Typing Lesson
  5. Lesson One: Home Row
  6. F G H J
  7. A S D K L ;
  8. KeyBricks: Home Row
  9. KeyMan: Home Row
  10. Retro Typer (Begin with lesson 1:  asdf jkl;)
  11. Sense-Lang: Lesson 1
  12. Typing Club (Begin with j & f)
  13. Typing Course Lessons: F G H J
  14. Typing Course Lessons: A S D K L ;
  15. Typing Course Lessons:  A S D F G H J K L ;
  16. Typing Lessons for QWERTY Keyboard (start with Lesson 1, ASDF JKL:
  17. Typing Tutor:  Home Row
  18. Lesson 1 Left Hand Practice
  19. TextPad:  Online text edtor which we will use to call out and practice keys.

Part B.  Top Row and Bottom Row

  1. Dance Mat Typing
  2. Keyboard Tutorial & Typing Test. Great site to review or learn keying. When you are ready, there is a section to practice composing at the keyboard and then practicing your text.
  3. Learn Keyboard Typing. Great site -- 13 online lessons -- you will move through them quickly. This site is great for a typing "tune-up".
  4. Learn to Type Online. This course has 5 lessons to introduce keys -- maybe too fast for a beginner (but maybe not). This site is a great review for those needed a "tune-up".
  5. Peters Online Typing Course.  A comprehensives and well-done program. This one will work for you if you work it.
  6. Retro Typer (Begin with lesson 1:  asdf jkl;)
  7. Speed Typing Online. Even if you have learned the basics, try this website's quick "tune-up". You can be a speed-typist too.
  8. Typing Club. Begin with home row and then add 2 keys per lesson -- very managable and effective.
  9. Typing Test Online. Use this site to check your progress -- watch your skills grow.
  10. Touch Typing Online.  If other online programs add new keys too fast, try this one -- it carefully breaks your practice into manageable groups.

Part C.  All Key Review.  You must complete some of these online practices before using any of the Fun Skill Building links below.

  1. Letter Reaction
  2. Cup Stacking Game
  3. Home Row
  4. Practice Home Row
  5. Capitalization of Home Row Keys using the Shift Key
  6. Top Row Keys
  7. Bottom Row Keys
  8. Top & Bottom Row Keys
  9. Two Letter Combinations
  10. Three Letter Combinations
  11. Left Hand Practice
  12. Right Hand Practice

Part D.  Fun Skill Building.  Students can only use only after learning all keys and the "touch method".  All links with a sound icon can only be used with MUTE, earphones or headphones.

  1. Alpha Attack
  2. Alpha Munchies
  3. Alpha Rain
  4. Balloon Typing Game
  5. Big Brown Bear Keyboarding Game
  6. Fix the KeyboardCan you put the mixed up letters back where they belong?
  7. Keyboard Climber
  8. Keyboard Climber II
  9. Keyman
  10. KeyTower
  11. Learn2Type for Kids (Kewl animations)
  12. Nitro Type
  13. Seussville ABC Fishing
  14. Sky Words
  15. Typing of the Ghosts
  16. Typing Rocket Junior
Mousing  /  Keyboarding

Mr. B's Home / Kindergarten Links / First Grade
Second Grade / Third Grade / Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade / Middle School Links

Keyboarding Tune-Up / Keyboarding Games / Mousing Skills
Number Pad  Chatbots / Business Games / Keying Kids TV

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