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Learning by Doing:  Online Simulations & Business Skills

The interactivity of the web creates an ideal environment to help student learn and apply business concepts and decision making skills.  We learn by doing -- while the links below are fun games -- they are not mindless point-and-click activities.

Most of us don't have an opportunity to practice business skills -- we learn them "on-the-fly" in the real world.  Mistakes can be costly -- competitive "real-world" businesses can be stressful. 

Here's an example of a newsletter I created to share with the Lemonade Game.  We use this to analyze data in MS Excel and create data-driven decision models.

ALL links on this page with a SOUND ICON can only be used with MUTE, headphones, or earbuds.

  1. 30 Days Honey  Be careful not to get ‘stung’ by rising and falling honey prices – try to sell large amounts when the price is high. You only have 30 game-days to do business, so you’d better ‘bee’ quick.
  2. Airport Tycoon  The goal is to run the airport as efficiently as possible, in order to get the highest score.
  3. Bear Dinner Restaurant  OK, so you play the role of a big happy brown bear with your own restaurant. You are trying to save up enough money to go on vacation, so you need to work as hard possible.
  4. Coffee Shop  Keep customers happy by getting the right balance between quality and price. You can adjust how sweet or creamy your coffee is, and adjust the price accordingly.
  5. Coffee Tycoon  This in-depth and intense game of good organization and business administration is an extremely challenging test of your patience, decision making skills, savvy business acumen, and masterful managerial qualities.
  6. Farm Mania  You play the role of Anna and your mission is to help your farmer Grandpa turn his farm into a bustling business success. It’s time to get your hands dirty!
  7. Fashion Street  In each level, you must hit a virtual money target by building and upgrading your stores, boutiques, and surrounding area.
  8. Financial Scoccer  Put your financial skills to the test with the new 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Brazil-branded version of Visa's fast-paced, multiple-choice question game (h/t Mr. Anderson).
  9. Fish Tycoon  Play this game and you will feel as owning an aquarium. Fish Tycoon is a game that runs in real time, even when you are not playing or when your computer is turned off.
  10. Game Corps  This interesting and challenging tycoon game is a good fun activity for practicing and testing out essential real-life business skills such as good money management, shrewd decision making and strategy planning, the ability to successfully motivate employees, and general project management skills.
  11. Grand Prix Tycoon  Here's an amazingly-detailed online management activity requires you to make snap competitive decisions on the track as well as shrewd administration decisions off of it! Money management and profit making strategies also have to be taken into account as your team’s “billionaire benefactor” keeps a close eye on your performance.
  12. Horse Rancher  As well as the horse-trainer, you also play the role of the jockey – you have to control your horse during each increasingly difficult race.
    Imperium  This highly entertaining and interactive medieval adventure is extremely detailed, and requires a great deal of patience, dogged determination, and plenty of skill at managing resources and stocks.
  13. Jane’s Realty  This interesting entrepreneurial adventure activity combines good time and money management requirements, strategic planning, and quick reactions as you try to build the houses and facilities that each area on your area on the map needs.
  14. Lemonade Game.  You're the boss.  How much lemonade can you sell each day?  (Write-up HERE).
  15. Mansion Impossible  Here's a fun and interesting tycoon game should help to aid your ability to multi-task, give you an appreciation of the intense pressures in the real estate market, as well as test how well you perform under that pressure.
  16. Moo Cab  You have to be extremely careful though. Farmers generally don’t like alien spaceships landing outside their barn. So, make sure to quietly and carefully maneuver your spaceship so that you don’t knock the cows over.
  17. Papa’s Cupcakeria  This fast-paced, role-playing management activity requires masterful multi-tasking skills, tremendous time-keeping abilities, and a talent for making snap decisions under pressure.
  18. Penguin Diner  If you mess up the order or are too slow serving, the penguins get angry and you lose custom. You need to be quick on your toes and fast with the food.
    Real Estate Developer DMB
      You’ll need to use solid money management skills & canny business acumen in order to succeed in this educational decision-making activity for older kids, teens and college students.
  19. Record Shop Tycoon  From the positioning of your CD racks, to the specific genres of music – every possible strategy has to be adjusted by you, the owner and brain behind the enterprise!
  20. Shopping City  You’ll need to be business savvy to succeed in this educational money management and decision making activity for teens.
  21. Shopping Street  This innovative urban design and development game and online money management activity proves a great business simulation exercise for any young want-to-be entrepreneurs out there.
  22. Smart Spa Shop  This fun and fast-paced business simulation game combines the needs of classic customer service skills with good time and money management.
    Stock-O-Mania  Start off selling fruit and vegetables – then upgrade to giant oil fields and news corporations.
  23. Theme Hotel  This manager role-playing game is very effective in aiding your ability to multi-task, as well as testing how well you work under pressure.
  24. Zapitalism  The first player to build a retail empire and outwit the competition wins. Stock the best products, set the right prices, and make a tidy profit.
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Keyboarding Tune-Up / Keyboarding Games / Mousing Skills
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