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 As of May 2019, this website is not being updated. There will be an update later in 2020 -- please check back! Welcome to Mr. Breitsprecher's Keying Kids website!  It's a great time to be an educator -- today's youth feel confident and comfortable with technology -- especially digital skills.  Modeling and sharing life-long learning and essential 21st Century information & technology skills is fun, rewarding, and brings the "real world" into the classroom.



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How the Internet Works (4:09 Video) The Australian Broadcasting Corporation's "Behind the News" series investigated a viewer's question, "How does the Internet work?"

Chatbots.  Artificial intelligence, computer that "think" and respond like a human being, is becoming closer to a reality.  Want to see?  Have a polite conversation with a computer -- a chatbot.  It's a great way to practice keyboarding and writing skills.

Business Games.  Ever dream of being your own boss and owning your own business?  Here's a collection of links that let put you in charge.

Mr. B's Newsletters:  Today's Computer Times.  Print resources are still important -- even in a digital age.  I use newsletter layouts to share information with students and families.  I stive to model the 21st-Century Skills we want our children to learn.

Computer Programming.  Computer programmers are in-demand.  Is this a career you'd like to explore?  There are many different areas to focus on and specialize in.  This page has links to help you find out what computer programming is all about.

Jack Grassel and His Amazing Three Neck Trident Guitar.  A friend of mine, and my former guitar teacher, Jack Grassel is an amazing musician that has won national awards and published guitar-instruction books that are sold around the world.  At his website, there's an embedded YouTube of a live performance with his 3-neck "Trident" guitar -- he uses a new digital "looper" by Ditto/TC Electronics, to create the sound of an entire band -- ALL BY HIMSELF!

Marketing 101.  To support Business Education students, I created this set of interactive Websites and videos to explain marketing basics, market segmentation/target marketing, and the product mix (4 Ps of marketing.

Easy Video 1-2-3.  The Catholic Library Media Specialists have their annual convention in February.  I've been asked to share experience, strength, and hope.  Let's review how to organize a video project to keep it manageble and more-fully ensure success.

Martin Luther King Book Talks.  What does Martin Luther King, Jr. mean to today's children, youth, and young adults?  I made this short video for Club TNT to suggest some great books for different age groups of students (NOTE:  This video is embedded at top of Club TNT website).

Bear Book Talks!  Please join Bogey Bear and his new series about picture books for Club TNT and Early Literacy Web.  Bogey shares reflections & professional reviews for some of his all-time favorite picture books, video reviews, book lists, storytime "tips 'n tricks" and MORE! 

Y.A. Book Talk:  Tonight on the Titanic (video).  A segway for Club TNT, this short video review compares and contrasts 2 books written by Mary Pope Osborne about the infamous disaster.  We feature it here to acknowledge the 100-year anniversary of Titanic's launch and sinking.

My YouTube Channel:  Breitlinks.  I no longer update the My Music page at my Web portfolio instead take advantage of the many great services offered by YouTube.  All new music videos will be posted there and occasionally other "surprises" too!

My Jazz Guitar Resources.  Here, I have posted some of my favorite "jam tracks" to standards I enjoy.  There are also downloadable/printable fake books and lessons in jazz guitar and theory.

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